NAD Board Election Results


Amy: Congratulations for running a second term as NAD president! In the next two years, what will you do to increase NAD visibility in the deaf community?

Bobbie Beth Scoggins: The NAD is here to stay and for those who doubt the NAD and those who ask, “What does the NAD do for me?”—Look at these people, they are a great group of committed people, volunteers who want and will make a difference in your life and in ours.

Congratulations for running a second term as Vice President of NAD! What is your plan for the next two years to bring in more members and increase funding for the organization?

Christopher Wagner: I think we’ll focus more on outreach and marketing NAD, let people know where we are, who we are, spread the word across the country. Let them know all the actions we are doing.

Amy: Congratulations to you two newly selected board members here at the NAD Conference! Please explain what each of you will bring into the board, your skills and passion.

Liz Hill: Our position [on the Board] is for four years. We are regional representatives and we’re very passionate people who are dedicated in giving all of our energy, and are motivated in enhancing lives of deaf people.

James “Manny” Johnson: I want to contribute a lot of things but there are two issues that I feel strongly about. Youth is my passion, and I am very supportive of that. For example, Deaf Youth USA. I’m thrilled about it. I want to see that group grow and NAD working alongside. I want to see NAD working with different organizations all over the USA.
(to Liz) I know you have a lot to contribute related to mental health, correct?

Liz: Yes, mental health is one of our top priorities for Region III. A few of the states got together and made motions and mental health is number two on our priority list. So, yes, I am looking forward to working on that and with the board.

I plan on listening to the community and find out their needs, and not only will we listen to them, I will also encourage them to join us in moving forward.

President (2008-2010):

Bobbie Beth Scoggins (SD)

Vice President (2008-2010):
Christopher D. Wagner (FL)

Secretary (2008-2010):
Lynn Z. Null (OK)

Treasurer (2008-2010):
Ronald E. Sutcliffe (MD)

Region I Representative (2008-2012):

Julie Bourne (MD)
Sean Gerlis (NY)

Region II Representative (2008-2012):
Jack Cooper (KS)
Michael K. Berger (IL)

Region III Representative (2008-2012):
Lissette Molina (FL)
Liz Hill (AL)

Region IV Representative (2008-2012)
Astrid Goodstein (AZ)
James “Manny” Johnson (CA)

9 Responses to “NAD Board Election Results”

  1. kentkennedy Says:

    Congratulations to you all. You all are our leaders for this country. Trust in you to handle the best for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community. Kudos to you!

  2. Aidan Mack Says:

    Manny: I am so happy for you. I know you will do a wonderful job. I can’t wait for you to become a NAD President one day. You will have my vote. I know you really listen to the Deaf community.

    Bobbie: You did not answer a question that Amy had asked. I think your attitude is extremely uncalled for.

  3. KoalaKona Says:

    I am thrilled that Bobbie won second term as President!
    Congratulations to ALL of you as NAD Board members!

  4. Paul Says:

    Hmm! I did observe Bobbie’s comments. She is her natural self and she is successful person. I do not see anything wrong with her comments. She speaks for the entire board and the organization. I do not see any difference.

    Each person is different so we have to live with it. There will always be different perceptions like we see what we see.

    Perhaps give her your honest opinion and we can figure it out what happens.

    We cannot afford to alienate our deaf leaders as time is precious to enable the system to work for us.

    We are different like our fingerprints are.

    To err is humane, to forgive is divine. That’s old adage that we can live with.

    Hopefully NAD will work harder the next two years to work on mental health issues.

    Missouri is suffering terribly without programs and services for the deaf and hard of hearing.

    Missouri is working on making it a #1 priority. Missouri Department of Mental Health has a shaky relationship with the Deaf community.

    We have considered filing a lawsuit against DMH, but one civil rights attorney recommended we go around the block one more time with proper documentation and trying another avenue.

    To be frank, it is already waste of time and Missouri is the last state in the Union to have any services for deaf and hard of hearing.

    I am pleading with NAD, Midwest Center of Law and Deaf and other advocacy groups to help us.

    Missouri Association of the Deaf have volunteers to look into it and consider some options. It is pending at this stage.

    So please do make mental health a #1 priority. It affects every facet of our lives.

    Thank you!

    Paul =)

  5. Ben Vess Says:

    Actually Paul, when you said “We cannot afford to alienate our deaf leaders as time is precious to enable the system to work for us.”

    I cringed.

    The opposite is true. Our deaf leaders cannot afford to alienate US. That kind of statement does NOT sound encouraging for the community when the community is asking “What have you done for us?”

    And she gives off an air of a bitch and says “We’re here to stay.”

    We didn’t say NAD had to go. We’re asking “What are you doing?”

    She did not answer that.


  6. carol finkle Says:

    hello. just began reading few blogs/vlogs and chose youre. i was at dbc conference in late june and just at nad. your issue should be priority, period. also, did you know that
    the deadline for comments about the nation’s hospitals trying to pass a mandate that vp is acceptable to replace live interpreters at ERs and all hospitalization for Deaf people??? biggggg problem. so need to send comments to DOJ/dept. of justice by july 15 and hardly anyone knows about it. but check with nad lawyer ros crawford; she has all the information. pls kee me posted about your progress and check out Deaf Bilingual Coalision if you don’t yet know them…the newest, strongest Deaf org. best, Carol

  7. Steve Says:

    I wish this team the best and I think Bobbie would need to eliminate that “negative” comment at first part. my impression of her is she made it look that NAD had too many problems with Deaf people. My pet peeve that some Deaf people have to delved the negatives before the positives when they comment something. Please POSITIVE words! Deaf children are learning from you, Bobbie! USE positive words!

  8. Peachlady Says:

    Yes please make mental health a #1 priority. Deaf people suffer in State of Georgia,too!

    State of Georgia Government ignored deaf community for many years!

    Where is the next NAD Conference?

  9. Advocate4ASL Says:

    Interesting comment made by the re-elected president, Bobbie. I ponder to why Bobbie was dwelling on the negative responses from the “doubters”. (Perhaps call it stakeholders?)

    We need to think as John F. Kennedy once said, “It is not what the country (NAD) can do for you; it is what you can do for your country (NAD)!”

    Congratulations to the new NAD board!

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