NAD Board of Directors Elections on Friday

Candidates for the 2008-2010 Board of Directors are listed below. Voting will occur during the Council of Representatives meeting Friday morning, July 11th from 8 am to 10 am.

The candidates are:

President (2008-2010):
Bobbie Beth Scoggins (SD)

Vice President (2008-2010):
Christopher D. Wagner (FL)

Secretary (2008-2010):
Lynn Z. Null (OK)

Treasurer (2008-2010):
Ronald E. Sutcliffe (MD)

Region I Representative (2008-2012):
Jeff Rosen (MD)
Margie English (DC)

Region II Representative (2008-2012):
Linda Mahmood (OH)
Michael K. Berger (IL)

Region III Representative (2008-2012):
Liz Hill (AL)

Region IV Representative (2008-2012):
James “Manny” Johnson (CA)

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