Merv Garretson Headlines Senior Citizen Luncheon

On a nice afternoon, the NAD Deaf Senior Citizen luncheon took place at the Marriott with the very capable Nathie Marbury as our emcee. After a nice lunch, Merv Garretson spoke on the wonderful history of the NAD, dating back to the time of the Fulton Conference in 1956. He is the last existing survivor of the 28 who attended the conference and as a result of the agreement “Tontine” they made at that time, Merv will open the bottle of wine this Friday at the election session. Merv spoke in place of Dr. Robert Davila, President of Gallaudet University who was unable to attend on account of his wife’s surgery. He also shared some information from Dr. Davila about Gallaudet University.

Agnes Sutcliffe, chair of the secotion then took the floor to go over some matters and to recognize the oldest member (incidentally, it was Merv Garretson), the longest married couple (it was Ann Marie Hathaway and Jack Hathaway of Wisconsin) and the longest member in good standing — was Merv again! They were given Starbucks gift cards. Nathie then closed the event with a inspiring poem. All in all, it was a lunch of nostalgia!

(Thanks to Phil Bravin for writing up this piece)

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  1. Ann Marie Hathway Says:

    Please correct our last name is Hathway, not Hathaway.

    Thank you

  2. Kyrie Says:

    Boy! What a handsome couple Merv and Carol are. No wonder they produced such beautiful daughters!

    Seriously, how cool that my mom and dad are so full of the history of the deaf in American and still have the “get up and go” to get out there and speak about it.

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